Donald Trump Rejected the Trudeau,s request for a one on one meeting on NAFTA


New York (SH)-The President of the United States Of America Mr Donald Trump rejected the request of the Canadian Prime Minister Mr Trudeau,s suggestion for  one on one meeting for the NAFTA issues which earlier of this month Mr Trump he ratified as it would have a new name as exclusion other member,s supporting that idea.

Speaking at the freewheeling press conference in New York on Wednesday Trump said he gave Trudeau the cold shoulder “because of this tariffs are too high and he doesn’t seem to want to move and i told him to forget about it”

As the Global news published on today he added the United state was more than willing to slap tariffs on Canadian out imports if Canadians didn’t acquiesces to his demands to reduce the tariffs on a US dairy.

“we are unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada we don’t like their representative very much”Trump said appearing to refer to foreign affairs Minister Chrystia freeland who leads Canadian,s negotiation team ” i love Canada and by the way i have so many friends, i have every body so many friends but that has nothing to do with this tariffs, shortly after the press conference the Prime Minister,s office denied requesting a meeting with Trump.


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