Consultative workshop on Somaliland National Industrialization Policy


Hargeisa)-Held by the Commercial Ministry attending at least 33 participants form the Ministry along with IFC World Bank/HanVard  which is helping to the Ministry as sub of the world Bank,and the union of the industry group,this meeting is very potential for the development of the Somaliland commercial sector and chamber of Business, Business Mohamoud Hassan Sa’ad (Saajin) had an open speeches  and he told its very important delegates deeply to discuss the main issues such constrains which is hindering step industrial business and he hopes this one day meeting will be fruitful and good points will come out.

Mukhtar Hassan  Maydhane who is consult with the Ministry presented points currying out good suggesting father more relating to this meeting consultative workshop, and 15 article of constrains is the base of the debate groups those are digesting one by one constraint resolution which lastly will be handing over to the Ministry.

Con-2” said that by Amina Farah Arshe who is a Business Woman having a lot of entrepreneurship in Somaliland since she returned from USA years ago.  “Government should allocate zone industries as other countries do for their business innovators” she added.

CONS3“its a big loss if we didn’t get a industry zone and also license of industry should be different and the same name industries should minimize” said by Osman Ibrahim who himself owning industry.

con4“As to produce confidential products we need as industry groups a good road for the driving time because we know the obstacles of our poor roads which may sometimes can hindered our production of goods” Nimo Yousud tol that as she was representing here group presentation.

con5“its very important to get information first before you start and also the second resolution is to get the Governmental support during the industrialization and good facilitation from the concerned offices”  Abdullaah Samadood pointed out these words as he was dele

Consult6 “rules and regulations should  be active because its effecting the smoothness of the industry products and a long side the major obstacle is the product skills before the starting we have to asked our self its suitable here to based industry” Barkhad Omar told that as he was presenting his group.

“we have a problem when to the Government taxation department because time times you seeing as forceful and illegal way for taking the tax” said  by Abudl-karim had remarked as he was presenting his group.

finally Director general Director General of Commerce Ministry Mr. Mustafe Mohamoud Ali has welcomed the delegates and thanked them for their early coming to the seats and also their well vigilant attention, “its very argent that industries to get subsidize form the Banks as local Banks or international if it would be possible has pointed out that this will be important only if its acted and quickly validated” he said.

“here we have now 17 water industries and now only 4 are working because many loss their fore we need to make industry zone and we need your pleasing to us as we we succeed it” he concluded his remarks.

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