Consultative Amendment Media law discussed led by Somaliland Media (SOLJA)


Hargeisa (SH)-The Amendment articles of the Somaliland Media law discussed with deeply and all the 15 articles which were proposed by SOLJA was approved unanimously except view points such like the meddle points which was related to the Sexuality because the Somaliland society is a Sunni Muslims %100 therefore that point is not applicable to the context of the Society

Before the coming closing there was debates on those 15 articles and what it was carry on legality and the illegality according to the local community concerns context and also there were amendment points presentations as groups leading by the facilitator Senior Journalist Abudllahi Adan Omar “Wayab” along with Mohamoud Abdi Jama “Xuuto” and the Secretary general of SOLJO Yahye Anes.

The Chairman of the Somaliland Journalist Union (SOLJA) Momahoud Abdi Jama Xuuto welcome the ending of the regional  media debates on these article,s amendments and he said “as mot of you were aware that we had a seminars and debates on this issues in the regions of the media house locations and and am happy today to reached to the ratified and amendment of the whole articles” Mr. Xuuto.

on the other hand the Religious Minister Sheikh Khaliill Abdullaahi and the director general of the Ministry information Hussein Hajji came late before the ending and took their front seats with the Solja Admin, Yahye Anas the Soljo secretary gave briefly the aim of this one day half  meeting and told  “here we are today to conclude the long round regional debate of the media law articles and am very glad to welcome the Minister and the Director general” he said.

Than the information director Hussein scientifically urged to the media house groups to sensitize the Society from the bad habits and fulfill their responsibilities on due to the media law “here am cordially urging you the media house groups to doubled your efforts to words civil education and sensitize the Society from the evil deeds” he mentioned.

The Minister of the Religious and the Endowment Shiekh Khaliil Abdullaahi underlined the important of the media role to fulfill their ethics on the religiously conduct whatever they exhibiting to the Society though on their media channels ” i would like to remember you here that you are media Muslim Society therefore you have based on whatever you airing on to the society applicably to our religious and the social norms” he added.

Finally since there was what so seemed unanimously to solved the long wage media law crumbling since last 15 years but the truth is still beyond that and we waiting what is the next to the coming years weather this end as like former debates or it brought some chans and some forward steps.


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