Consultation workshop for ant money laundering and Remittan


Hargeisa (SH)-Consultation workshop for Ant money laundering and Remittance Bill by the Somaliland Parliament took place at Maan-soor Hotel, Approximately 50 people have participated this meeting which will be for two days, and those form the representative PMs members, other delegates from the local Banks and remittances and the Director general of the, central Bank are among those are anticipating this consultative workshop.

This consultative workshop is mainly focusing on the Risk of the ant money laundering and kept currently it s system according to the risk of the money laundry which the world is facing today, buy fake maker groups those are trying to jeopardize the smoothness transferring of the world money stability.

Vice speaker of the Somaliland parliament Mohamed Yasin Sheikh Ali, Director general of the Somaliland Central Bank Mohamed Hassan Araw, financial Sub-committee of the Parliament leader Omar Sanwayne, were among those had spoke in the stage of the consultative meeting.

Head of the financial sub-committee Mp Omar Sanwayne enlighten to the participants as the significant of the two draft law those have been mentioned above as ant money Laundry and the Remittance law and this what he said “first when we coning the drafts as the MPs we do for the people consequence all the social parties should be participate as later it may not said it was not conclude”

Also Mp Sanwayne told whatever is against to the Sharia law along with the customer law it’s null and void “whatever it’s against to the Sharia law and the customer it’s null and void” he added.

Mr. Sanwayne pointed out that there is a quarreling drafts and he told “that there is a quarreling drafts but I believe people did not read the draft laws deeply to criticize it therefore I think you have red those draft documents and we are ready to listen what are contributing to us”

Also Mp Sanwayne said that before they use to divide participants by grouping but now each group have been sent to a copy of this draft law to read page by page and then presented within not more 10 minutes” he remarked .

“Today when we finished this Remittance law tomorrow we will discuss the anti money laundry because when you said money laundry people might wondering to you and they say is made? When he washing the money”

The deputy of the representatives Ahmed Yasin told “years ago may be there were no needs to talk about the money laundry but the circumstance of the current world system is brought to discuss this issue because yesterday we had no need remittance and money laundry but today we have”

Director General of the Central Bank Mr. Araw mentioned “for a long time those two drafts were rounding from where to where and what we have amended it s what have min values for this matter and it should go through to the Parliaments but you have your potential views to expose what seems to you to amended ”

Tomorrow suppose it will continue to discuss remain topics like the ant money laundry and also will be a related questions and answers.


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