Bomb explosion hits Ethiopian Convoy which leaves death and casualties


Janta Kuntdisha (SH)-A big Bomb explosion hit an Ethiopian military Convoy which was passing through to feer-feer cross border near the city of Beledweyne today, the sources of this news saying troops were from Beledweyne and was heading to cross border between Somalia and Ethiopia to over see security issues surrounding that area.

The residents of the explosion area has confirmed there was death and casualties on the Ethiopian convoy troops but yet no any other confirmation and exactly the number of the killing and the casualties, Ethiopian troops has the big military bases Hiraan region  and other Somali regions under the AMISOM missions on Somalia to fight Alshabab Islamist insurgency since years ago as they came on the Somali territory with no any permission from the Somali interim administration at that time as their own interest as Ethiopia wishes.


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