Abagade delegation of Oromiya cultural leaders came Hargiesa


Hargeisa (BMN)-A big delegation of Abaagade Oromiya cultural leaders have arrived at Hargeisa yesterday afternoon led by the Somaliland Ambassador to Addis Ababa Mohamed Hassan and their counterpart of Somaliland cultural leaders have welcomed them warmly as the two sides have said each other are delicious to the other side “here we are arrived to day with the big delegation of Oromiya Abagade culutural leaders along with business sector” Somaliland Ambassador said that.

We say Suldan or Kindom but as Oromiya they said their cultural leaders Abaagade and here they are as Abaagade and the business sectors and they are believing that show their country Somaliland and Oromiya are brothers ” Ambassador Ahmed Hassan told that.Governor of the Maroodijeeh region Mr Jama told ” we are too welcoming warmly both Abaagade and Business sectors of Oromiya or as whole Ethiopia delegation to Somaliland”

Suldan Hassan Suldan Abdurrahman and Suldan Ahmed Guuleed were the top of cultural leader whose well faced those Abaagade of Oromiya Cultural leaders and they spoke as enthusiastically to welcome Agabaagade of Oromiya leaders to Hargeisa ” here we are welcoming today this big delegation of Oromiya cultural leaders led by the Abaagade and also we sending  peace massage to those both Somalis and Oromo fighting within Mooyaale town and they must quickly stop the war each side” said that by Suldan Hassan Suldaan Abudurrahman.

OROMOSudlaan Ahmed Guuleed mentioned what the Somaliland is very specific interest is the Political sphere and if the political sphere is agree and settled well all others might will be stabilized than “Political is injecting us too and its handing today by the Oromiya and we need form Oromo to tackled with us the political issues” Suldan Guuleed said that and  he added “if you are those delegation led by the Abaagade  cultural leaders you have port our massage and deliver to the Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed because this is too heavy for us and this well settled the business will be the next but it depends whatever you did there here so will be done ”

Its the first time such like this kind of cultural leaders of the Oromiya or as a whole Ethiopia came to Somaliland, consequence we yet nothing speculate what the next will be and what for introduction those Abaagade delegation are.




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