A lot of worried are increasingly escalating for Chinese fishing


Mogadishu (SH)-An estimated numbers of Somali people along with other outside thinker societies for their given licence for the Somali sea fishing by their Companies which has created a lot worried to the Somali people after it emerged now days that President of Somalia Mohamed Abudllaahi Farmajo has gave permission licence a Chinese fishing company which is widely believing that its illegally and a big mistake done by the President.

We are well aware of that Somali seas were suffering from the illegal fishing by a robbery foreign fishers whose used to take all Somali seas resources weather its fish or other expensive minerals like Shacabi stone which the most expensive of the Somali seas resources.

Somali people are more concerning about this new illegal permission Chines fishers those will not leave nothing for Somalis if that practically happened, another concerns are coming from the other wise world societies whose worriedly pointing out this President permission to the Chines fishing companies will eradicate all Somali sea resources and the that will cause for the coming future Young of Somali  people will miss fresh fish in their seas if this President permission for those China companies will not be quickly prevented by the whole Somalis together because Chines will not consider this is for South central sea and this is for Puntland sea and this is for Somaliland sea but they collectively will do reforestation to our seas resources.

Because Somalis have no power deterrence which can be hesitated by other hunters like those are now fishing illegally in our seas resources since they now and taken to accounting that we are very week country which  have been devastated wars and foreign interference until we reached where we are now as the whole Somalis leaving with the other world Societies with no respect and less values and still we are losing our sovereignty day after day after a lot of regional flags stood up in Somali territory since 1991.

If this happened President should be countable for the Somali people led by whole fitness mind people coming together discussing deeply with the nationalism feeling only but not tribalism and clanism interest as the Somalis do now.



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