25 Woman Reporters have been given ethics certificates


Hargeisa (SH)-Three days of hot and depth debate Journalism ethics have been tough to 25 Woman reporters whose been from whole Somaliland regions but majority they were from Hargeisa, as we have wrote in our earlier open ceremony speeches of this training was organized by Somaliland Journalists Association (Solja) and Finish Foundation Media Development (Vikes)

The Young Woman trainees presented their views which is relating to the objectives of the lessons they have lent last three day “in the name of the good i have got a lot benefits and its my first time  to attend such like training and i hope i will contribute a lot skills to my colleagues whom have not been gained this chances” Najax Suleiman from Borama reacted here feeling to these words.

” regarding what i have lent form this training for the last three days more i have got more relating to the what is a news and what is not and also i can differentiate from on today role of the Journalists on to his or here responsibilities to the society” Bisharo Beder Jama form Borama reacted, and she added “when talked by Solja informing to come here and will participate this training i was thinking as usually to set with men as mixing before but fortunately i joined with only Woman Journalists like me” she added.

“i have come with here many things which not usually was to  me only roomers but today i have saw it and also i have been thought how difference media reporting angles are marching each side and like that are  non inter relating” Naima Ali Hassan from Las-anod have said that.

“I have lent many media proceeds rules and regulations including what can be news and what cannot be news” Hafsa Saed Abudllaahi from Borama told that and she added “am thanking fully for Naima Mohamoud and Warda Ahmed whose been thought us how we can clipped  our video capturing during our field reporting”

” i cant calculate in words here what i have benefited from this training but i can say really this was amazing training and no doubt that i will be back as having more skilled to my institution”Barwaqo Hassan Hajji Farah reacted these words from here feeling on this training held by Solja and Vikes to gather.

“my recommending to you as the Solja and Vikes is we have been seen here that you have no clear agenda to which level do we are? are basic or are we inter medium or are advanced level? said that by Nimo Bashe Abdi Marodijeh  region speaking at the end feedback of the trainees participants.

Naima Mohamoud and Warda Ahmed whom were the Woman Trainers of this training were spoken emotionally and professionally at the closing brief time ” really you are not only whose benefited in this stage but also i as the trainer i have lent from you a lot” said that Naima Mohamoud and she added “encouragingly i would i hope you will exercise purely what you have been thought here in the last three days we been to gather when you back to your community field work”

“why we cannot say madam Director to our ladies instead we said that to the men directors are we envious among our selves? bravely am saying to you please and please let us support each other and co-operate one to one as colleagues and the Woman Journalists professionals” she added that.



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