14 People killed including Sufist Mullah whose alleged as he Prophe


Gaalkacayo (SH)-14 people have been killed this mooring in Gaalkacayo following after Alshabab waged on that attack which leaved 14 people among them were center of that sheikh, s residents ” here we have saw 14 people body died 4 Woman were residing the center of the Sufist Mullah” said that Police commander of the Mudug region.

This killed Mullah Abdi wail Ali Elmiyare was jailed before  following as he alleged that he is a new Prophet which created many quarrel in the Somali stage reacting as they are against form that Suufist Mullah and his lie alleging, which is against to the Prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him and holy Islamic religion that prohibits no Prophet will be after Prophet Mohamed Peace be upon him.

Abdi wail Ali Elmiyare and other 13 aimed at that Suufist center where used to teach the Young people Music and dance and Alshabab had treated they will kill Abdi-wali who used to congregate Woman and the Youth then to mixed Men and Woman to gather which is not allowed by the Islamic religion.



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